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All correspondence will be by email. I will do my best to respond as soon as possible but this is not a 24 hr a day service.

My background is that I served as a roads policing officer on cars and motorcycles in urban and rural areas as well as motorways. I was also a road accident investigator, qualified class 1 Police Driving Instructor and a law instructor at a regional police driving school. I have been producing law books, both printed and on-line for the enforcement community across Great Britain for nearly 30 years.

Please note I cannot provide legal advice so should you require this you should consult a solicitor or barrister who can provide this service. I am not a qualified legal professional in this regard.
I may be able to clarify some areas of law but in doing so I will in no way accept any liability for any actions taken or not taken in regard to or as a result or consequence, direct or indirect, of any information or opinion provided.